In 2013, the Office of the University Registrar initiated policies to enhance its services to its clients. Of these services, the most significant by far are the Auto-Locking of Grading Sheets, an improvement to the existing system because of instances where faculty members forget to lock their grading sheets after entering the grades of students, and the institutionalization of the Flow Chart for Entering Completion Grade using account.

Other improvements to the system are: the issuance of documents for free to students representing the Institute in Academic or Non-Academic Competitions in the local, regional, national and international levels; the incorporation of major clearance items into the Institute existing paperless clearance system; the giving of guidelines during the 44th Commencement Exercises (4th Midyear Graduation); and, the shredding of unclaimed documents three months after requests are filed due to the lack of storage space in the Office of the Registrar.


  • To develop an efficient and effective record-keeping and retrieval system of the Institute’s student records.
  • To improve the delivery of services especially the issuance of academic records like the transcript of records, honorable dismissal, certifications, diplomas, and other pertinent student documents.
  • To hasten and modernize the enrolment procedures of the Institute.


  • To maintain and preserve the academic records of the students of the Institute.
  • To issue pertinent student documents like Transcript of Records, honorable dismissal, certifications, diplomas, etc.
  • To prepare the academic calendar of the Institute.
  • To coordinate with the Deans and Director the registration, graduation and other academic activities of the students.
  • To advise students on pertinent academic matters regarding their enrolment.
  • To assist in the preparation of reports like the annual report and school catalog.
Mr. Ricardo C. Enguito

Mr. Ricardo C. Enguito
Acting Institute Registrar

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