MSU-IIT is composed of students coming from different cultures and religions from Mindanao and all over the country as well as from other countries. We are committed to gearing up students through education regardless of race, gender, religion, and financial capacity.



We admit about 3,000 freshmen a year and are continually committed to being a convergence zone for students from different cultures and tradition.



We offer up to 54 graduate programs. These programs empower the students and professionals to explore varied avenues in the pursuit of national development.

Admissions - √®ŖšAVSASE guidelines

SASE Guidelines and Results

The √®ŖšAVSystem Admission and Scholarship Examination is conducted annually every September for incoming freshmen. Here you will find the results and guidelines/requirements for the exam.

High School (IDS) Student

IDS Examination and Results

The examination results of the Integrated Developmental School (IDS) admission are listed here as well as the requirements.

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