Meet ALAB! The MSU-IIT Cats Spirit Icon and Mascot.

Posted on : April 27, 2024

Meet ALAB! The MSU-IIT Cats Spirit Icon and Mascot.

At the Opening Ceremony of the PALAKASAN 2024 on April 27, 2024, we launched our MSU-IIT Cats spirit icon.

In line with our commitment to embracing MSU-IIT's values, character, and culture, we recognized the need for a spirit icon that reflects these elements. To that end, last year, we organized a competition to find the best icon for the MSU-IIT Cats. But why MSU-IIT Cats?

On campus, a special community thrives. Amidst the vibrant campus life, there exists a group of feline friends that has become synonymous with the essence of our beloved University.

This diverse and charming assembly of feline companions have made our university their home. These cats have become integral members of our community, weaving their way into the fabric of MSU-IIT life.

As the University sought to encapsulate its identity and spirit in a visual symbol, it became evident that these cats were the embodiment of our collective pride. These feline friends, roaming the campus with a graceful nonchalance, mirror the resilience, compassion, adaptability, and unity that define the MSU-IIT spirit.

The selection of the cat as the University’s icon is more than a nod to these animals’ charming presence; it symbolizes the shared experiences, diversity, and interconnectedness of the university community. Each cat represents a unique facet of MSU-IIT, from the quiet corners of the libraries to the bustling energy in the various colleges.

Last December, we held a competition to find the best icon for our MSU-IIT Cats. We received more than 20 incredible entries, each one showcasing the talent and creativity of our university community. After much deliberation and consideration of the given criteria, we finally chose the best icon that truly captured the spirit of the MSU-IIT Cats.

The best design was awarded to Abdul Karim Y. Tawakim, a BS Information Technology senior. He named the cat mascot Alab. According to him, he named it Alab because like IITians—aside from Alab's tail looking like a blaze or fire—IITians have a "passion" for learning and for progress.

“It's also a reference to the university hymn "Silahis ang katulad mo ...". Silahis, beams of sunlight. Just like MSU-IIT Cats, they burn like fire or rays and illuminate or brighten up the IITians day in the campus somehow. With Alab, your burning passion to study and graduate never snuff out. Seeing Alab is such a ray of sunshine,” he said.

Alab instills a strong sense of pride and spirit in students, alumni, faculty, staff, and all those who proudly support the University and its mission. Symbolizing resilience, compassion, adaptability, unity, and diversity, this MSU-IIT Cat serves as a constant reminder of the values and principles that define MSU-IIT. It represents the rich experiences and backgrounds within the university community, fostering a deep connection and sense of belonging among its members. It stands as a symbol of unity and a shared commitment to excellence, inspiring all to embrace the MSU-IIT's mission and work towards its success.


Alab design by Abdul Karim Y. Tawakim, CCS
Video by Jeremiah Mc Cleo Bala, OfCom
Animation by Assoc. Prof. Erik Louwe R. Sala, CCS
Story by Asst. Prof. Michelle Jeanne Casiple Caracut, OfCom
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